Capsule collection Piovese fragments pe20

Piovese Fashion hereby presents its latest capsule collection, inspired by a high quality urban style, and studied for tailored garnments with sportwear elements.


The collection offers a geometric design throughout, with fine metallic highlights and elegant transparencies.
Each detail is created following a special technical construction, which can be summarized by 3 key features:

-New hi-tech

The Creations will be slowly be unveiled with small launches through the following months. The closest one will be in March.
In the meantime, browse through this page and let yourself be inspired…


CODE 5367




Piovese Fragments Label created in fabric. This is a High-Tech item, both innovative and technologic. The tech detail is conferred by its finish, manufacture and design. Avant-garde vision and innovation, for a world that treads the border of hand painted and digital. The metal finish completes the mix of all the techniques present. Fragments is a label designed for a prestigious sportwear.





CODE 5365




Piovese Fragments Label projects us with the world of transparencies. It’s the evolution of sportswear, it’s high tech, and pure avant-garde. The high tech message is revealed through the material employed, and the high frequency 3D printing technique.
The new Pu is a soft silicone, light and thin. Its transparency confers a continuity between its inside and outside; between the article of clothing, and the label itself. It’s a reinterpretation of acrylic transparency. The Fragments label is a detail which fits a garment that is both sporty and urban.