Leather Labels for Denim

How can we achieve a product that can always seem different, unique and original?


With refined inserts, sought after stitching, elegant crumpled effects, laser engravings, piercings and coloring techniques, we are always able to create a new, unique item that will remain exclusive even as time goes by.

The thorough research of styles, trends and materials, as well as the interesting convergence of fashions that were born in different areas, allow us to create new ways to express ourselves and experiment original methods with which to design our product.

All of this gives birth to Piovese “moodboard”, a collection of materials, colors, graphic styles and manufacturing techniques (serigraphy, hot stamping, laser, embroidery, occasionally mixed together) which are applied to different materials with every iteration.





Get Casual Collection Piovese leather label
This label, crafted with a brown shaded leather (always available within our warehouse, where you can find an assortment of many other shades), in addition to the hot stamped Casual Collection logo also features the Get logo, an element which confers to it a two dimensional appearance. As a final touch, the outline was finished with contrasting color. Any small nuance or imperfection in the color tones are tell tale signs of the quality of this item, as they are the consequence of the many hand operations necessary to complete it. This label was thought out for a Premium mood denim Superior.




Sun and Sea Piovese Fashion leather label
Upon the sand-colored leather, a set of shiny studs embedded within the simple leather create the illusion of a Hi-Tech coated product. Washing this product highlights the label’s leather natural grain, and the slightly soiled corners confer it a worn effect. All our experience in printing techniques shines through with this unique label.





Fashion Route the Piovese Denim
leather label with rounded corners. This label format with hot stamped Fashion Route logo represents a throwback to the good old days. With its vintage look, it perfectly adjusts itself to be used on both a denim or chino trouser. Carefully treated with pigmented waxes and anilines, the pull-up effect leather confers to this label the fascinating nuances typical of leathers worn out by the flow of time.