Leather labels are the hallmark of Piovese, and are the result of a constant and meticulous research in style, trends and materials. All of these factor are what makes our product always different and original.

Our creative team, lead by Andrea Trolese, thoroughly follow the latest trends by being present in exhibitions, fashion fairs and events of all sorts.

We always strive to keep updated through agencies and magazines which specialize in fashion industry content, and we collect expertise and knowledge during trade shows (such as the Paris Première Vision or Munich’s Fabric Start, where our presence has been a constant for many years) in order to offer only the best in term of materials and techniques.

All of this is what gives birth to Piovese’s “moodboard”: where materials, colors, graphic styles and manufacturing techniques meet to create a unique element which will make your apparel even more avant-garde.

We create leather labels in every shape and size (we are open to custom requests), and we constantly experiment with new, original solutions and production techniques.

Our leather is of bovine origin, and it fully respects the Washington convention regarding endangered species.

The range of colors we offer is always available at our warehouse. The selection of thickness available is generally between 1.8 – 2.00 mm, with some specific items having larger sizes.

We create a unique and different product every single time.
Each piece is one of a kind!

We can custom craft each label through an extensive list of manufacturing techniques.

  • Hot Stamping
  • High Frequency
  • Laser Incision
  • Screen Printing (Serigraphy)/strong>
  • Embroidery
  • Crumpling

And many more…!

We guarantee for the high quality and the exclusive nature of our Leather Labels.

Denim Leather Labels.

Our first experience within the denim world dates back to 1986, when the company enters the market by manufacturing its very first labels. The latter were originally designed in PVC and polyurethane with high frequency and screen printing techniques.

The 90s mark a crucial turning point: with the addition of the first machines capable of hot stamping genuine leather, we are able to first experiment with the techniques that up to this day define our brand.

Research & Development

As soon as we receive a custom order, our team of experts will evaluate the ideal material for the manufacturing technique required. We do supply prototypes and customization for specific projects, enabling our customers to touch and feel first hand a sample. If specified, we can supply an array of samples compiled by us containing both materials and ornaments from which to choose.


Code 4806

LW Piovese black leather label in a hexagonal pattern, with hot foil stamped details. This label’s pattern is mainly used as a patch implemented on jackets. The JLW badge is a detail that can make for a truly special leather look. Resistant to water and dry cleaning.


Code 4826

Fashion Route the Piovese Denim leather label with rounded corners. This label format with hot stamped Fashion Route logo represents a throwback to the good old days. With its vintage look, it perfectly adjusts itself to be used on both a denim or chino trouser. Carefully treated with pigmented waxes and anilines, the pull-up effect leather confers to this label the fascinating nuances typical of leathers worn out by the flow of time.


Code 4914

Piovese Route Piovese Denim Collection leather label. This label is a perfect union between laser and incision techniques, and is crafted in an elegant navy suede. Treated multiple times with specific dyes to give it a silver sheen with a polished look, this product was designed for informal and casual wear in mind.


Code 4953

Sun and Sea Piovese Fashion leather label. Upon the sand colored leather, a set of shiny studs embedded within the simple leather create the illusion of a Hi-Tech coated product. Washing this product highlights the label’s leather natural grain, and the slightly soiled corners confer it a worn effect. All our experience in printing techniques shines through with this unique label.


Code 4595

Sun & Sea Piovese leather label. This label’s cut gives it movement, and its irregularity is what makes it so unique. The logo has been hot stamped in its center. The handmade threading of waxed cord is fruit once again of accurate craftsmanship. The item highlights all the unique traits and qualities of this leather, such as its natural wrinkles.


Code 4207

Piovese Special Style leather label with new ornaments on suede leather, and an embroidered natural cord detail. We created these animal motifs by working directly on suede leather. This label is thought out for a clothing piece that wishes to fully express its individuality.


Code 4416

Get Casual Collection Piovese leather label. This label, crafted with a brown shaded leather (always available within our warehouse, where you can find an assortment of many other shades), in addition to the hot stamped Casual Collection logo also features the Get logo, an element which confers to it a two dimensional appearance. As a final touch, the outline was finished with contrasting color. Any small nuance or imperfection in the color tones are tell tale signs of the quality of this item, as they are the consequence of the many hand operations necessary to complete it. This label was thought out for a Premium mood denim Superior.


Code 5349

Piovese Label in indigo suede. Very pleasant to the touch, as it is made from an extremely soft suede, both delicate and modern. Its main feature is this velvet-like surface, typical of this kind of material.
The personalized touch was created by embroidering contrasting colored threads, which is a new take on a very classic technique, which we approached as a provocation to old-fashioned embroidery techniques. Perfect on five-pocket trousers.