We decorate, we pierce and we cut leather, textiles, synthetic material, wood and much more.

Our workshop is at your disposal with highly advanced laser and plotter cutting techniques, which can be used to recreate custom shapes with complete control upon size and measurement variations.


We create details for leather goods with tone on tone, pantone or metallic prints, with 3D effects given by embossing or engraving.

The main materials used for these types of manufacturing techniques are: leather, polyurethane, fabrics, synthetic leather.

Thanks to the technology at our disposal, we are able to craft embossed logos, shapes, textures, microtextures, geometric drawings and opticals. We can then further accentuate these by adding various other manufacturing stages on top, such as screen printing or shadings.

A good example is the combination of screen printing used on 3D embossed text, which allows us to obtain a beautiful effect on high relief words while the different colored background makes it stand out.

The constant search for new raw materials and manufacturing techniques, often times in association with suppliers themselves, is what allows us to develop avant-garde products that are able to give an added value to your fashion item.