The expansion within the world of synthetic leather labels is another milestone reached by Piovese across the years. Our accurate and constant research of styles, trends and materials is what allows us to achieve an end product that can always be original. Materials and manufacturing techniques constantly evolve with us, making us reach the perfection levels that make us unique.

Our creative team, lead by Andrea Trolese, thoroughly follow the latest trends by being present in exhibitions, fashion fairs and events of all sorts.

We always strive to keep updated through agencies and magazines which specialize in fashion industry content, and we collect expertise and knowledge during trade shows (such as the Paris Première Vision or Munich’s Fabric Start, where our presence has been a constant for many years) in order to offer only the best in term of materials and techniques.

All of this is what gives birth to Piovese’s “moodboard”: where materials, colors, graphic styles and manufacturing techniques meet to create a unique element which will make your apparel even more avant-garde.

Our imitation leather labels are fashioned with non-animal derived materials, which look just like genuine leather.

The manufacturing techniques we use allow for an infinite number of customizations, and we constantly strive to find new and original solutions we can apply to our product.

We deal with all kinds of synthetic leather, ranging from ones with smooth to rough surfaces, grains or grainless. We make use of natural colors, animal prints and fashion designs alike.

We create a unique and different product every single time.
Each piece is one of a kind!

5722 B

We can custom craft each label through an extensive list of manufacturing techniques.

  • Foil Hot Stamping
  • Laser Cutting
  • High Frequency
  • Lacquering
  • Embossing
  • Screen Printing (Serigraphy)
  • Embroidery

And many more…!

Our imitation leather labels are fruit of constant research and innovation.

Imitation leather labels: Not just for denim

Our first experience within the denim world dates back to 1986, when the company enters the market by manufacturing its very first labels. The latter were originally designed in PVC and polyurethane with high frequency and screen printing techniques.

The 90s mark a crucial turning point: with the addition of the first machines capable of hot stamping genuine leather, we are able to first experiment with the techniques that up to this very day define our brand.

Research & Development

Every new lot undergoes washing and printing tests . upon arrival at our warehouse. Thanks to experience, we have devised a process of monitoring the client’s needs which allows us to predict the quantity needed for production and possible reorders. We do supply prototypes and customization for specific projects, enabling our customers to touch and feel first hand a sample.

If specified, we can supply an array of samples compiled by us containing both materials and ornaments from which to choose.


Code 4986

Elisabeth Piovese imitation leather label. A synthetic leather with a worn out look and a smoky finish, hot stamped with pastel blue foil, was used to create this label. Adding to its value, a ruthenium plaque with an elegant mirror effect and the Elisabeth logo engraved in relief. This label was created for a Denim line which includes every base popular style: from a classic blue, to a pre-washed blue or authentic worn out or faded color, the kind of vintage denim that can only be dated by looking at small details such as the Elizabeth back pocket label.


Code 5371

Elisabeth Piovese label, both modern and delicate, fashioned in synthetic leather with a new ornament cut and sewn on the inside. The laser cut confers to the piece a modern look and volume. This syntehtic leather label was designed for a hyper-modern and clean item of clothing.


Code 5367

Piovese Fragments Label created in fabric. This is a High-Tech item, both innovative and technologic. The tech detail is conferred by its finish, manufacture and design. Avant-garde vision and innovation, for a world that treads the border of hand painted and digital. The metal finish completes the mix of all the techniques present. Fragments is a label designed for a prestigious sportwear.


Code 5365

Piovese Fragments Label projects us with the world of transparencies. It’s the evolution of sportswear, it’s high tech, and pure avant-garde. The high tech message is revealed through the material employed, and the high frequency 3D printing technique.
The new Pu is a soft silicone, light and thin. Its transparency confers a continuity between its inside and outside; between the article of clothing, and the label itself. It’s a reinterpretation of acrylic transparency. The Fragments label is a detail which fits a garment that is both sporty and urban.


Code 5267

Fashion Route The Piovese Denim synthetic leather label, refined with a lacquering technique to obtain more contrast when compared to hot stamped items. This process gives the label a cloudy and translucent effect. The handmade aspect, here taken to the extreme, combines the retro style typical of this kind of print with the modern details and finish.
Designed with an everyday slim fit Men’s jeans in mind.


Code 4403

Sierra Trial Piovese label in synthetic leather; cognac tones on imitation leather confer it a modern look with a wet paper effect, oily and shiny. It’s the perfect mix between hot stamped and embossing. The label was designed for a slim fit Tapered Jeans that can be worn with any kind of shoe.


Code 3453

P.F. factory e co. label on walnut toned synthetic leather, a new shade of musty brown, certainly less of a classic, that is characterized by its softness. Other than being very pleasant to the touch, this label presents itself with a natural grain that is very similar to ones found in real leather. The wrinkled effect adds movement and charisma that gives a touch of class even to the most simple outfit.
This patch label is perfect on a straight denim, and being extremely versatile can be used in both chic and casual outfits.


Code 3492

Denim Rebellion synthetic leather label. Tradition and technology mix within this back pocket label thanks to skillful innovation.
The embossed hand was specifically styled through several different techniques: serigraphy, foil hot stamping and high frequency.
The Denim Rebellion label has a rock soul, and was designed for an item of clothing that wishes to dare by giving character to its own style.


Codice 5269

Piovese Denim “R” label in embossed synthetic leather.
This back pocket label was washed wish our very special Dryscratch technique, that allows to save energy when compared with a classic stone wash.
The wrinkled effect is a must for every season, and gives this piece a vintage but sporty look.
The Piovese Denim “R” label can be used on a casual denim, not only easy or suitable for informal settings, but also versatile in the contemporary connotation of “sporty”, which lets it be both elegant and refined.