About us

Piovese Fashion stands out thanks to its history of passion, enthusiasm and creative inspiration in the production of labels, hang tags and decorations for the clothing, footwear and leather industry.

We like to be different, and we do so thanks to the unmistakable charm that only belongs to handmade products, a legacy that was handed down and refined from generation to generation.

After a thorough creative process, we study the most convenient and technically advantageous ways to industrialize our product.

Within nowadays fashion industry, which is incrementally driven by speed and ability to adapt, we are committed to keep alive the value of each detail. We work with highly specialized technicians who have the utmost care for customers, and that are able to offer the best quality/price ratio.

We are always looking for new ways to make ourselves better while fully meeting our clients’ needs, and satisfying their requests.


We are committed to upholding the manufacturing quality of our Made in Italy brand on a global level. We offer modern processing techniques and high quality products, while guaranteeing the environmental sustainability of our entire supply chain, from raw materials to finished goods.

We value people, and the unique work of each individual.


Our prototype and style departments are able to predict each season’s trends, turning its shapes and colors into labels and hang tags that can be used for jeans wear, sportswear and casual clothing.

We also create elegant ornaments that can be used to adorn footwear or leather items.


What We Offer

Our services are based on innovation, customization, technology, fast sample production and timely deliveries.

We pride ourselves with having accurately customized packaging, one of the most important aspects of our customer care. We also provide technical consulting services and extremely fast deliveries times thanks to a wide stock of materials always available.