How to respect values from denim culture through small details

There’s a growing number of designers that chooses to shift attention to details while building their collections.

Within this capsule, you will find one of the core aspects of denim culture: authenticity.



Fashion Route The Piovese Denim faux leather label, refined with a lacquering technique to obtain more contrast when compared to hot stamped items. This process gives the label a cloudy and translucent effect. The handmade aspect, here taken to the extreme, combines the retro style typical of this kind of print with the modern details and finish.
Designed with an everyday slim fit Men’s jeans in mind.

Piovese Denim “R” label in embossed faux leather.
This back label was washed with our very special Dryscratch technique, that allows to save energy when compared with a classic stone wash.

The wrinkled effect is a must for every season, and gives this piece a vintage but sporty look.
The Piovese Denim “R” label can be used on a casual denim, non only easy or suitable for informal settings, but also versatile in the contemporary connotation of “sporty”, which lets it be both elegant and refined.