Piovese Elements

The concept of PIOVESE ELEMENTS stands for our commitment to research, development and production of leather and non-leather accessories which are able to minimize environmental impact. It represents our visionary approach to the research of raw materials and the harmony that can coexist between craftsmanship and nature.

PIOVESE ELEMENTS has been inspired by the 4 natural elements (water, earth, air and fire) which create the basis of our new concept of environmentally friendly supply chain and materials.

PIOVESE ELEMENTS is all about bringing life to our accessories following the guidance of mother nature.





Piovese Naturals

The element of EARTH is what determines the choice of our supply chain, and the materials that we use. The latter are exclusively produced by mother nature: jute, cork, sand, wood and FSC certificated paper. Alternatively, they are created via recycling process.

In regards to our leather, Piovese Naturals is offering organic tanning, leather with a reduced percentage of chrome and formaldehyde, without azo dye, as well as hypoallergenic leathers. Our leather fulfills UNI 10594:2010 and UNI 10885:2000 requirements.


We create labels in cellulose based sustainable materials. Once their lifespan is over, their natural composition allows it to be 100% environmentally friendly.

The biodegradable label is soft and nice to the touch, and we can process it to give it specific effects and a unique look.

Our research is devoted to the Maisons who are committed to respecting nature and all animal species.


  • They solve the waste disposal issue needed for petroleum derived plastic;
  • They reduce waste management costs, which are strongly linked to agricultural and food industries;
  • Biodegradable material can also be recycled;
  • You deal with very clean materials;
  • Lower emission of toxic fumes in case of incineration;
  • Cleaner production chain.

Piovese for the Environment

Piovese Fashion uses energy from renewable technologies, without resource waste, thanks to its own 40 Kw facility.

To safeguard our environment, all rags used within the company don’t produce any waste as they are recycled through an environmentally friendly cleaning process (EU Commission Environment Division IX).

We’re sensitive to environmental issues and offer accessories using eco-friendly materials, both recycled or reclaimed, with natural printings or ornaments.

Our leather complies with current European regulations regarding prohibited substances. We comply with CITES Guidelines on International Trade in endangered Species of Wild Fauna. We work closely with selected suppliers to improve each item by reducing chemical agents involved in their production.

We offer alternative solutions such as chrome-free leather, vegetable tanning, hypoallergenic leather, and are always open to meet our customers every need. For synthetic materials, microfiber, fabric and jacron we provide supplier’s documentation, which certify compliance with European laws.