Piovese ~ Water

In PIOVESE RAINBOW, the element of WATER is what drives us to research and develop water-based colour dyes, without the use of solvents. No only does this protect the environment, but also our health and working conditions.The dyeing procedure PIOVESE RAINBOW uses fulfills a variety of requirements, optimizing the most crucial aspects of our product and service:

  • High colour washing resistance;
  • High bleeding and rubbing resistance in both dry and wet conditions;
  • High resistance to flexing and bending.

Piovese ~ Earth

In PIOVESE NATURALS, the element of EARTH is what drives our choice of suppliers and the materials that we use. The latter are exclusively produced by mother nature – they include jute, cork, sand, wood and FSC certificated paper. Alternatively, they are created via recycling process.

In regards to our leather, Piovese Naturals offers organic tanning, leather with reduced percentage of chrome and formaldehyde, without azo dye, as well as hypoallergenic leathers. Our leather fulfills UNI 10594:2010 and UNI 10885:2000 requirements.

Piovese ~ Fire

In PIOVESE FLAMES, the idea of FIRE has been leading us towards the use of laser and other innovative technologies that enable the easy replication of any graphical element on different materials. This is a tool of the highest value when it comes to support our graphic and design department.

PIOVESE FLAMES is also allowing cost reduction thanks to faster operations and greater flexibility in changes, avoiding material set ups that need to be disposed at the end of production. Last but not least, PIOVESE is able to produce its own electricity via the company solar energy plant.

Piovese ~ Air

In PIOVESE DRYSCRATCH, the element of AIR is what leads us to research sustainable and sophisticated technologies which aid us in the aging process of leather and non leather accessories, all of this without using water or any other traditional industrial washing.

With this modern approach, we are able to achieve a 200.000 litre yearly saving of H2O.