We like to stand out thanks to the unmistakable charm that only belongs to our handmade products,
a legacy that was handed down and refined from generation to generation.

Labels and Hangtags

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Piovese Daruma labels collection #AW2021. Modern labels with a great vintage effect for tailored denim. The Daruma Label’s collection is a modern view of past, marked by multiple treatments on labels. We have combined frosting, waxing and the effect is a timeless experience. The seam tracks have been specially designed to be recreated by hand. Daruma, a plunge into the past to create the present style.

Piovese Daruma labels collection #AW2021 The deep black color is the protagonist. We wanted to reproduce the black color of pitch. Pitch is a highly viscous liquid still used today by athletes in gymnastics and ballet dancers. The touch recalls the high viscosity and low fluidity of pitch🖤 The part that you see colored in Aqua Green was made by a print engraved with foil, designed to contrast the color of pitch with the color of the sea.

Piovese Denim Cult #urbanwearlabels 🏙️ collection #Aw2021 The collection was created to harmonise opposite ideas, enriched with block-colour and sporty details. The design is maximized thanks high-frequency relief 3D and screen printing. 🎇

Piovese Denim Cult #hitechlabels collection 💣💥#Aw2021 An evolution of the outdoors, that combines sophisticated techno-materials with contemporary outfits, for perfect garments also in the city Gummy touch labels, high-frequency relief, embroidery logo on multi-level patches.

Piovese Michiko 🇯🇵 #labels collection #Aw2021 MICHIKO is cheerful, creative and competent 🎨🖌️😃👩‍🎨 And this is exactly what we wanted to convey with the #MICHIKOlabels collection⛩️ Labels are illuminated by digital printing, screen printing, hot printing, embroidery. Deep tones, from blue to black, degrade towards cognac and sand colour. And what are you waiting for? Get inspired by MICHIKO!

Piovese Michiko 🇯🇵 #labels collection #Aw2021 A part of our #Aw2021 collection is inspired by Japanese style. Why? Simple! Because Japan is a country from which we all take many inspirations, not only in fashion. ⛩️🎏🎎 Numerous subcultures, characterized by various styles of clothing, coexist in Japanese society with maximum respect.


Organic paper #Hangtags for #Piovesenaturals ♻️ This material was created through a process that uses organic residue to replace up to 15% virgin tree pulp. Perfect for making HANGTAGS and PACKAGING articles.

The Green #Label for #Piovesenaturals ♻️ We create the label using polyester fibres, polyurethane and through recycling PET (we use plastic bottles that would had been thrown away), reducing resource waste by 80%.
➡️With 245 labels we are able to recycle 20 PET plastic bottles.

Biodegradable labels for #Piovesenaturals ♻️ Biodegradable materials come back to their primitive state in a short-medium period of time. That means that applying the correct temperature and with the correct weather conditions, these materials decompose by themselves. We really love writing and acquiring knowledge about sustainability, ecology and environment.
🌍The earth is unique and this is the moment to look after it and all the treasures it offers to us. 💞

Fruit Vegetable Labels for #Piovesenaturals ♻️ We create sustainable labels and details with FRUIT VEGETABLE LEATHER 🍒🍍🍑🍎🍓 This makes use of an eco-friendly production process: it is created using recycling materials which enable to cut CO2 emissions.

Eco felt Labels for #Piovesenaturals ♻️ We offer our clients a typology of felt #labels made entirely of pet polyester, created 100% from recycled plastic bottles, than rather being disposed of in landfills, become regenerated into a new raw material.

Hi Tech & Eco friendly Labels for #Piovesenaturals ♻️ Piovese Fashion has developed a molding system with advanced technology in colour printing 💧🌏


e are committed to upholding the manufacturing quality of our Made in Italy brand on a global level. We offer modern processing techniques and high quality products, while guaranteeing the environmental sustainability of our entire supply chain, from raw materials to finished goods.

We value people, and the unique work of each individual.





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