Our nappa is one of the world’s first USDA BIOBASED certified leather

obtained from renewable resources.


(USDA is the United States Department of Agriculture)

This certification attests for the biologic content of a product, or the portion of a product that comes from renewable resources, such as raw materials of vegetable, animal, mineral or forest origin.

Using materials from renewable resources reduces the need to employ non-renewable fossil origin raw materials.

Our nappa is a 90% renewable certified product. (Synthetic leathers are 20% renewable.)

The wash resistant water-based combo


Our nappa is

exclusively combined with eco-friendly water-based adhesives, compliant to REACH directives in safeguarding health and environment.

Being VOC free (Volatile Organic Compounds), they significantly impact the reduction of atmospheric pollution and they do not pose problems in terms of emissions released in the atmosphere.

The absence of solvents safeguards both the safety of workers and the environment.

Even if water-based, this type of combo guarantees perfect resistance to both normal washes and dry cleaning.

It does not leave any residue behind, and is thus perfect for the creation of both small and large accessories.

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