AW 20-21 Sustainability Collections

AW 20-21 Sustainability Collections that Widen your Horizons


Denim Cult,


ReWild and Environmental Sustainability:

5 labels designed by Piovese for AW 20-21 Sustainability Collections, and born from a mix of textures, manufacturing techniques and elements for 5 different styles with unique character.

One by one, we are ready to present our collections for the Autumn/Winter 2020-2012 season.

Are you curious to follow us through this journey?

AW 20-21 Sustainability Collections

Daruma Piovese gets its name from Japanese Daruma dolls, a symbol of perseverance, good luck and the ability to overcome every obstacle.

They are not your everyday labels, as they represent a sensory journey through texture and color contrasts.

The handmade vintage effect was born from innovative manufacturing processes, which give the collection a look with deep roots but a contemporary soul.

The Daruma Piovese #Aw2021 labels were created to be the final touch on a tailored denim that does not want to go unnoticed.

This is why they are “brushed” the same way you would paint on an artist’s canvas.

They are then screen printed and stamped, either with heat or high frequency, in order to fully enhance the character of each and every one of them.

Find out about Piovese’s Daruma #Aw2021 collection by clicking here, where you will be able to get a complete look at it!