The second part of the next Piovese SPRING SUMMER 2022 Collection:


…The journey continues.

The journey that started with AESTHETIC, continues.

2: EGO

“The word Ego comes from Latin and it literally means “me”. It generally represents the self and the consciousness of being who we are“.

Starting from this definition, Piovese seeks to dedicate this part of its new Collection to details with character.

Small windows able to provide a glimpse on an often hidden inner world.

In EGO colors get warmer, more intimate and natural.
The high quality materials coexist with primitive spirit: natural raw fabrics, fine leathers, wood, cork and recycled paper.

“The Ego makes sure that impulses are translated to the real world in an acceptable manner. It’s the rational part of personality“.

As a theme, EGO takes the raw and natural side of selected materials and “rationalises” it, combining it with clean lines and strict shapes.

The synthesis of these two worlds will give your details an unusual but unforgettable look.

EGO: contrast makes art.

Piovese: a concrete commitment today for a better world tomorrow.