The last part of the next SPRING SUMMER 2022 PIOVESE FASHION Collection:


The journey comes to an end.

Our journey ends with the third and last part of the Collection.


ETHEREAL explores the absence of matter, not to be mistaken with the absence of meaning. Transparency, lightness and impalpability are the key elements of the theme, which manifests Piovese’s desire to investigate the relationship between immaterial and material, visual perception and sensory experience

Space and emptiness become matter and are explored by every means imaginable: through cutting techniques, impalpable materials, playing with volume, transparency and iridescence.

ETHEREAL is elegant, both in shapes and colors. Dyes are light, and often cold: white, blue, silver, iridescent. The nature of materials used (once again light, modern, transparent) has allowed us to widen the range of our offer and create a capsule with sport articles.

ETHEREAL is an experimental and versatile theme. A must-have for a brand that longs for elegant details with a modern presence.

ETHEREAL: transparency becomes matter.

Piovese: a concrete commitment today for a better world tomorrow.