… The journey begins

A journey that will lead you to discover the three leading themes that will tell you about the new trends for spring-summer 2022. Three capsules that eclose precious material ready to be discovered.


Its colours
Its atmospheres
Its shapes.

Colours grow colder, they shift towards pastel tones, they play with the silkiness of chalk, with the earth’s natural tones, and the azures of frozen seabeds.

Atmospheres are refined, and highly sought after details take the center stage. Materials combine, intertwine, coexist and enter each other in search of new symbiosis and aesthetic value.

Shapes are unusual. Original aesthetic solutions are functional to a new vision of the accesory, the small but great protagonist that is able to give strength and personality to the garment on which it is going to rest.

A world made of details. Details that make a difference.

AESTHETIC: the first chapter to a great tale.

Piovese: a concrete commitment today for a better world tomorrow.