Today, we want to tell you a story:

The story of Andrea, a man who’s passionate about his job. A man that does not put any limit on his availability, energy and means to get to the result he envisioned.

You can, however, find many men with similar passion and drive about their job. How is Andrea different from any other employer or specialized technician in the field of Research and Development and Quality Control?

His exceptional eye for quality and details.

Any mistakes about materials or products size that is usually picked out by specialized machines, Andrea can spot with only one look.

These qualities make him an exceptional technician, ambitious and capable to reach the highest quality standards.

Andrea put this unique prerogative at the service of the product he’s been specialized on for over 35 years:
luxury accessories.

Passion, experience, technique, deep respect for the product and the customer. A never-ending curiosity and drive to look for new materials and come up with innovative printing techniques. The ability to constantly come up with new ideas and original solutions.

This is Andrea.

For Andrea, “Truth is Quality”