If you work in the field of Luxury Fashion, you are surely aware that what really differentiates a luxury product is the strict attention to details.

With such care and attention, an accessory becomes the original touch that makes your piece unique and inimitable.

Sometimes, however, you are going to need new ideas and inspirations. 

That is what we are here for.
The beauty of having such a diverse and demanding clientele is that we are constantly inspired to create new and innovative products, encouraged to expand our creative visions, and observe the accessories through the eyes of our customers.

You asked us to create some publications that encapsulate our experience, what we imagined, studied and made.

Today, we want to share with you the publication dedicated to our Lingerie and Swimwear collection.

If you are curious and want to browse “Lingerie and Swimwear” write to info@piovese.it