Obviously… That’s not true!

Let’s compare leather and synthetics.

Let’s debunk a common myth: Leather is not more expensive than its synthetic counterpart, it offers more guarantees and is ultimately more convenient.

Overlooking the fact that some synthetics are sold at insane prices, there are some valid reasons to prefer Leather to synthetic.

Reasons that will help you understand why Genuine Leather is always the best choice.

Leather is plastic-free.

Calling faux leather an “eco-leather” was a decision made with the purpose of glorifying a product that, as a matter of fact, has little or nothing of eco-friendly to it.

Synthetic leather production makes use of chemical pollutants that being mainly manufactured in China and several other foreign states (with little to no control whatsoever) are inevitably not subject to the rigorous controls that the Italian law imposes on tanneries in our continent.

Italian Genuine Leather has a clear traceability that certifies the whole supply chain: from production, to manufacturing, to distribution.

Black on white, and verifiable… can the same be said for all the synthetic in Italy?

Leather is history.

Manufacturing techniques have been refined and perfected for centuries. There are many treatments, manufacturing techniques, types of prints that have been experimented through the ages, and that guarantee the quality of the final product: Authenticity, Beauty, Elegance, Quality.

Can the same be said for synthetic?

Leather is fashion, NOT fast fashion.

The philosophy of disposable objects has finally come to an end.

Starting today, everything must be long-lasting, eco-friendly, ecological, recyclable and reusable. It must be handed down from one generation to the next: well about time.

Leather has done that since forever.

Try doing that with a synthetic.

This is why everyone should choose Genuine Leather.

For Made in Italy, for Fashion, for the Environment, for the Future!