Better safe than…

That’s common sense, but what do we actually do?

We know that all kinds of disasters are waiting to happen from just around the corner.

In serious production planning, only an accurate and correct strategy can lead to true prevention.

That’s why during the course of 35+ years we have developed a strict method to make sure that any inconvenience or problem is avoided and kept under control to the best of our ability.

We have patented the


Let’s take the creation of an accessory as an example.
The method unfolds itself in 4 steps:

step 1: programming

Materials and techniques are chosen according to the client’s needs.

The processing sheets are filled out.

step 2: processing

The processing sheets reach our production department. They will go through different experts depending on the phase of production. Each individual step is described on the sheet with specifics (for example, there will be specific instruction on temperature, pressure, and timing for hot stamping).

step 3: check

What comes out of the processing step undergoes quality testing that carries out targeted checks (wash or wear tests, etc.)

step 4: result analysis

If the result yielded by our quality tests is positive, the accessory is then presented to the client: it is now ready for large scale production.

If the result does not satisfy our quality standards the process starts anew and we go back to step 1.

Because for us, an accessory doesn’t only need to be nice. It must also be absolutely reliable, without any nasty surprises during the preparation of your final product.

Leave us the analysis and problem solving.

You can enjoy some peace of mind knowing you have chosen the right partner that is always at your disposal.


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