What does the Earth ask of Us?


Nature is precious, and lives in delicate equilibrium. It needs to be loved, respected, preserved.


Today, Piovese offers you an accessory that lives in harmony with nature, without exploiting raw material or wasting valuable natural resources.

It cares about the Earth, using eco-friendly materials which have been 100% recycled or salvaged from manufacturing and food industries.

It protects the environment choosing non-polluting processes and natural dyes derived from plants.


eco fashion

Never before have we felt a more compelling duty to protect the environment, through small or big actions alike. From recycling, an act that anyone can do day by day, to the choice of small and big Companies to operate and produce in an ethical and sustainable manner.

The fashion industry, which has these issues at heart, tries its best to collaborate with “Eco-friendly” Companies. Piovese’s commitment to produce in this way has now become an essential prerogative:
within 2025 it will fully become Eco-friendly.

80% of our collection has been created with Eco-friendly materials or processing techniques.