Today, we want to tell you a story:
the story of Erika, woman and business owner.

Availability and competence are her main strengths.

Years of work have not disrupted the enthusiasm and energy she devotes to her job every day.
She is convinced life should always be faced with a smile.

Behind her smile, however, there are a strong determination and one essential idea:
the belief that you, the client, other than feeling cared for, advised and guided, should also feel pampered.

Through careful listening, Erika gathers all the information necessary to correctly interpret your requests.

She will guide you through choosing materials and the most appropriate manufacturing techniques.

She will pass this information to our technicians, who will make your Luxury accessory a reality.

Erika will keep up with you through all of these steps, making sure the results are as close as possible to what you originally asked for.

You can reach out to her at any moment of the process, and she will be always happy to listen and clear any doubt you might have.

She will also change her path, if necessary, with the utmost flexibility and availability.

You will never feel left on your own

This is Erika.

For Erika, “Truth is Quality”.